Thursday, February 16, 2006

The transrealistic poetic world of Sergio Badilla Castillo

Elena Kleinert

Sergio Badilla Castillo born in Valparaiso in 1947, lived more than twenty years in the Europe of changes, from Bucharest, to Stockholm, from Paris to Moscow experiencing the main transformation at the end of XX century. To day he is a prominent name in the ground-breaking world of the Spanish speaking poetry , but at the same time, a keyword for entering in the legitimacy of transrealism, and its illusory universe of whim and simulacre.

Badilla Castillo in his significant and transreal world, is a bulky dweller in the transfigured essence of this lyric teogony. His literary proposal, which quietly irrupted at the beginning of the nineties, subvert the limits of the recurrent symbolic representation challenging the limits between the fossilized conventions of the ruling language and the framed common essence of reality.

Badilla, includes in his lyric weft the enduring time’s rupture, throughout uchrony referred to an invented time phase of our humankind, differing to imaginary lands or worlds. An idea in the manner of Rudy Rucker where uchronic times are not simply described above all located in some remote place, Badilla, brings in too the parachronic sight, an ex tempore vision where all past sequences disappears and things start on again precisely resembling it one time performed. It is situated outside the time of cosmos, via parachronic scrutiny one can reach any place on the vast ring of time. Badilla Castillo includes besides the anachronic acuity, as a creating tool in his transrealistic poetry which represent the divergence amid the chronological organization of events and the arrangement in which they are linked in a design. As a poetic constructive component Badilla also uses the acrony, where the lyric subject itself can come across right through a timeless relation with reality, or maybe in a perspective quite out of time.

Badilla trasvitual’s world calls upon the transubstantiation of time and room, the nullity of objective validity, the disrupted identity of the lyric subject, through decontextualization locating the fissure of both subjectivities in the linguistic heterogeneity of the text and in the space level arriving thus finally to a new unpredictable appearance. Everything is exposed to destruction, transformation, mixture, to the change of dimensions or shapes, to be interbreeding by natural phenomena or topic to be amend, distorted or damaged. There is no meaning in consolidating a eulogized existence. The transreal reality depends on a representatively mediated relationship between a warp of language dimensions and the unknown rudiments of the cosmos

Not tied up from the logocentric dogmas that restore the lyric subject with phonic dissension, the relevancy form of this poetry beyond or outside the bounds of sense relates to a newly discernible reality that is translogic.


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